• AnonymousIve had a crush on this boy for years but I don't think he likes me back. What do I do?
  • hi there,

    i’m not quite sure the exact details of your situation, however, i think you should go for it! sometimes we assume things about other people even though we’re not mind readers. this means that it’s completely common for your brain to make it seem like he doesn’t like you.

    i think you should tell him how you feel! this advice isn’t the best, i know. it can be hard to just waltz up and tell him how you feel, but if that isn’t your style you can also take baby steps. first try smiling at him when you pass by him in the hallways of your school, then try starting a conversation. things such as, “do you remember when _____ assignment was due?” or “hey, do you mind if i hang out with you for a bit? my friends left to do _____ and i can’t find them”. after getting into a conversation, you can find out if he likes you due to his body language*

    things like, his shoulders facing you while you talk, his eyes actually meeting yours instead of drifting off to look at other things, a smile, laughing with you, etc. 

    *not seeing any of these habits does NOT mean he doesn’t like you, so be careful!

    (you can also ask around to see about common interests, or if he likes you!)

    goodluck! <3

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  • 3 months ago